Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic…

October 29, 2014 § Leave a comment


I must admit, bra shopping, for me, is nothing short of a mission. Countless times I have put it off and put it off until I am forced, out of pure desperation, on to the High Street to hunt down a bra which does not resemble a stained, chewed-up, hole-filled rag.

The problem is, when I do finally make it to the shops, the task itself is just too much for my resolve to take. What colour? What shape? And dear lord, what size?! How can one shop advise me that I should be wearing a 34D when another concludes that I am, without a doubt, a 26HH? (Here’s looking at you, Bravissimo). It’s enough to send me racing back home to hide under the duvet and clutch my stained, chewed-up, hole-filled rag bra to my chest in despair.

So when I was invited along to the Triumph event in my local Jenners to get measured, drink champagne and find out everything there is to know about their new Magic Wire bra, I jumped at the chance. (Figuratively, of course, as this old bra doesn’t support quite like it used to.)

When I arrived, I was immediately taken for a fitting with a lovely assistant who told me all about the importance of wearing a proper-fitting bra while laughing (or at least pretending to) at my hellish lingerie-purchasing anecdotes.

The bra is designed with comfort and support in mind, has no wire (which saves any awful stray wires digging ceaselessly into your armpits) and has been created to feel like a second skin. And, as luck would have it, it succeeds marvelously in ticking all of these boxes.

Normally, any mention of ‘no underwire’ would send me running for the hills for fear of looking like an 87-year-old undertaking a severe crash diet, but the Magic Wire bra held everything in place perfectly. The secret, or indeed the ‘magic’, lies in an invisible integrated silicone wire which, when molded inside the cups, provides the support of a normal wired bra.

The bra comes in many different colours and patterns and, as it is currently retailing at £36, I will definitely be purchasing another one soon! Or perhaps two…

The Magic Wire bra was designed after Triumph research discovered that a bra digging in was one of women’s top daily niggles and the lingerie company set out to remedy this.


Triumph has also launched a new #Nigglefix campaign, a platform to enable women to share those things that frustrate them on a day-to-day basis and share any top tips on combatting them. The campaign focuses on empowering women to come together and collectively help each other find fixes for their niggles.

Join the conversation: @TriumphUK #nigglefix


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